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We explain what demand is, the factors that determine it, and the difference with quantity demanded. In addition, we explore...

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Guerra fría

Cold War

We explain what the Cold War was, and the superpowers that were involved. In addition, we explore its characteristics, and...

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Primera Guerra Mundial

World War I

We explore World War I, and discuss its causes, features, and aftermath. What was World War I? World War I,...

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guerra civil española

Spanish Civil War

We explain what the Spanish Civil War was, its causes and consequences. In addition, we discuss its characteristics, and the...

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We explain what feudalism was, and how society was divided at the time. In addition, we explore the basis of...

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Imperio Romano

Roman Empire

We explain what the Roman Empire was, its characteristics and the dynasties that ruled it. In addition, we discuss the...

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Civilización egipcia

Ancient Egypt

We explain what ancient Egypt was, its religion and architecture. In addition, we explore its characteristics and discoveries. What is...

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We explain what an entrepreneur is, their top qualities, importance, and difference with a businessperson. In addition, we explore what...

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Un vehículo es pintado con colores llamativos como parte de la campaña de marketing de una bebida energizante.


We explain what marketing is, its purpose, and the difference with advertising. In addition, we explore the types of marketing....

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Edad del Bronce

Bronze Age

We explain what the Bronze Age was, its characteristics and stages. In addition, we explore the earliest civilizations, the end...

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We explain what the Mesolithic is, its importance, and characteristics. In addition, we explore the climatic changes that took place...

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René Descartes

We explain who René Descartes was, where he was born, his works and main contributions. In addition, we explore his...

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We explain who Socrates was and how he revolutionized the concept of philosophy. In addition, we explore his main characteristics...

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We explain who Aristotle was and the contributions he made. In addition, we explore his main characteristics and forms of...

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