Professional background

  • Bachelor of Arts in philosophy. University of Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Bachelor of Arts in literature. University of Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Juan has given philosophy workshops for over five years. Among the most recent courses he has taught are: The Cartesian Cogito Ergo sum, Nietzschean Esthetics, Experience and Virtuality, Bodies and Dissidence, Montruosity and Norm, Poetry and Experience. Juan is currently teaching a one-year-length workshop on poetry and philosophy alongside poet Eduardo Anderson.

Thanks to his initial training in the world of literature, Juan is exploring the connection between poetry and philosophy in his doctoral thesis.

Juan is a member of the Academic Committee for the Posthuman Studies Journal, where he is a collaborator. He is part of the FyLOCIT research fellowship on posthumanism, and of an independent group dedicated to the works of German phenomenologist Edmund Husserl, as well as his French-speaking reception in the 20th century.

Philosophy does not help us find clear or safe answers; instead we learn to think, to dwell the question. We learn to say with care and love form, which is also content. I believe education is the only way to change the world we live in: we need ways that include and connect, ways that teach.

Juan Pablo Segundo Espínola


In addition to his Bachelor of Arts in philosophy and his literature studies, Juan participated in the International Symposium on the works of Jean-Luc Marion.

He is pursuing an affiliated scholars program in metaphysics at the University of Buenos Aires. Juan speaks Spanish, English and French, languages he uses to study and work on a daily basis.

Articles by Juan Pablo Segundo