Professional background

  • Bachelor of Arts degree in advertising. University of Morón.


Inés worked as account executive at J. Walter Thompson, Room 23 and Dentsu advertising agencies, and for important brands such as Danone Group, General Motors Company, The Salvation Army, Toyota and HSBC Bank. She also worked as consultant and executive for SENDAS organization under the CONIN plan (Plan de la Red CONIN) in their fight against child malnutrition.

In addition, Inés was coordinator and collaborator of the Alzheimer National Program, a joint program of United Nations and the National Ministry of Social Development, for socio-health education and research aimed at the most vulnerable sectors in Argentina.

"If my work contributes to empower others apart from meeting business objectives, I consider the goal is accomplished".

Inés de Azkue


Inés studied advertising at the University of Morón for 4 years. In addition to her language studies in English (FCE) and French at the Alianza Francesa, for 10 and 2 years respectively, she participated in a communication and digital marketing seminar (Centro Argentino de Educación Superior y Permanente – CAEP) and did a distance course on sustainability and ecological footprint (Universidade Aberta, Portugal).

Articles by Inés