Professional background

  • Bachelor degree in Geography for Middle and Higher Education. University of Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
  • Specialization in Pedagogical Training. National University of La Plata. Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. 


Gustavo is a Geography professor and trainer of environmental affairs. He has been a professor of Physical Geography at university for almost 20 years and has worked as teacher trainer at the Escuela de Maestros of the City of Buenos Aires and in various boards of the DGCyE of Buenos Aires Province. In addition, Gustavo has authored and edited Geography school textbooks for several publishing houses.

For some years now, Gustavo has had a YouTube channel called “Educación ambiental en debate” (“Environmental Education under debate”) where he disseminates talks on the environment and environmental education. He is the author of several articles and publications on geography and the environment as well as of the book “Educación ambiental en debate - Geografías y territorios” (“Environmental Education under debate - Geographies and territories”), published in 2021. 

He is a member of the Red Federal de Docentes por la Vida, an organization of rural school teachers that fights against pesticide aerial spraying, and of other groups of teachers, researchers and educators for geographical and environmental affairs.


Gustavo holds a bachelor degree in Geography from the Faculty of Arts of the University of Buenos Aires and a Postgraduate degree from the Faculty of Humanities and Educational Sciences of the National University of La Plata.

Articles by Gustavo