Professional background

  • Degree in history (University of Buenos Aires)
  • Specialization in Cultural and Cultural Policies Management (Instituto de Altos Estudios Sociales)


Teresa has been a history professor at several middle education institutions and has coordinated workshops that connect academic teaching to creative learning.

In addition, she worked as a pedagogical consultant at the Political and Electoral Reform Office, creating educational content and digital resources for political training programs at the city’s public schools.

How different can one society be from one’s own? How similar can we be to those who were born and died somewhere else in the world, at a different time in history? To imagine is the prior step to build, and to feel empathy is necessary to live with others. In the education sector, broad and heterogenous as it is, I see the possibility of building bridges between those who see themselves as others, which are essential for a better understanding and for the improvement of society.

Teresa Kiss


Teresa earned her degree in history at the University of Buenos Aires, and pursued a master’s degree in Cultural and Cultural Policies management at the Instituto de Altos Estudios Sociales.

She has also completed several professional training courses: ALT: Skills to generate impact (Njambre, The Amani Institute), Public Innovators, Towards a culture with equality in gender and the Political rights of migrants (Instituto Superior de la Carrera).

Articles by Teresa